Solera Flamenca Los Angeles

Welcome to Solera Flamenca LA, a new website and new facilities with a physical store where you will find the same superb service and guarantee for our products which we have been offering since 2012 from our facilities in Barcelona (Spain) and on our web (

Solera Flamenca Los Angeles is born from the wish to get the best Spanish flamenco guitar firms closer to the American guitar lovers, making it much more accessible to they all.

You will find a wide range of new and used guitars on our website, from the best makers. They are chosen by means of very specific selection criteria, developed from the experience of more than 10 years in touch with the instruments of the best guitar makers in history (Santos Hernandez, Antonio de Torres…).

Our selection of new guitars is comprised of firms of craftsmen who do respect and love their profession, resulting in an alive instrument, with personality and qualities which stand out from the rest. These qualities are the ones allowing us to tell common guitars from really special ones, with soul, capable of touching us when playing or listening to them. This is exactly what we offer our customers: special instruments, carefully chosen, in order to accomplish that: something really special and truly different, making this instrument stand out from the huge amount of guitars made every year for purely economic reasons, leaving the true essence of the profession aside.

Therefore, should you decide to purchase on Solera Flamenca, you can rest assured you will be acquiring a special and unique instrument, with its own soul, which will turn your passion and relationship with music into something distinctive.

The team
Dimitry Frolov

Commercial advisor and business developer in Solera Flamenca Los Angeles.

Martin Kovalenko

Leader to the service of the guitar with which you will solve all your doubts and will attend all your suggestions.