Guitar builders

Francisco Sánchez guitars

Francisco Sánchez

Francisco Sánchez was born in Estepa in 1958. Francisco Sánchez guitars
Cabinetmaker and restorer son also of a great Cabinetmaker learns the trade since he was a child “nailed tiptoes before walking” comment their relatives.

Jesús de Jiménez

Jesús de Jiménez

Jesús de Jiménez was born in Osuna (Sevilla) in 1973.He started playing the guitar when he was a little child, and he felt quite curious about the beauty of its sound. This led him to being interested in guitar making…

Jerónimo Pérez guitars

Jerónimo Pérez

Jerónimo Pérez was born in Algodonales (Cádiz), in 1978. This artisan has managed to be recognised as one of the most promising guitar builders in such a short period of time, due to his own merits and…

Pedro Muriel guitars

Pedro Muriel

This builder based in Herrera (Seville) started in the world of guitar construction as a result of his great fondness for flamenco guitar and it should be noted that during his training in the trade he has been…

Francisco Barba guitars

Francisco Barba

Francisco Barba was born in 1939 in Sevilla.At the beginning of the 1970s he started working as a carpenter with his father, until he decided, being 17 years old, to become a self-taught luthier. He learned and worked in the…

José A. Fuentes

José A. Fuentes

José A. Fuentes is born in Barcelona in the year 1971.After working for more than 15 years as a carpenter, his passion for music and his talent when treating wood made him begin a new stage as guitar builder in…

Felipe Conde guitars

Felipe Conde

Felipe Conde Cavia was born in Madrid in 1957, the third generation of the Esteso-Conde guitar builders dynasty.Felipe Conde guitars. His father, Mariano Conde Sr., was the direct nephew of Domingo Esteso…

Jose Gonzalez Lopez

José González López

José González López was born in Órgiva (Granada) in 1961.After several years working in very different things, none of them related to guitars, he joined Antonio Martín Montero´s workshop in 1989…

Manuel Reyes

Manuel Reyes

Manuel Reyes was born in 1949 in Córdoba.After not being satisfied with the sound of a guitar he received as a gift, he modified its structure, in order to improve its quality. This first contact with the world of guitars…

Gerundino Fernández guitars

Gerundino Fernández

Gerundino Fernández was born in Almería in 1931.Being the eighth child of a family with ten children, he started playing the guitar very young, and worked as a carpenter and cabinetmaker until 1956…

Miguel Rodríguez Beneyto guitars

Miguel Rodríguez

Miguel Rodríguez Beneyto was born in Córdoba in 1888.He showed interest while still very young, learning to play both the guitar and the mandolin, which would lead him to have a great curiosity about the art of making….

Manuel Cáceres guitars

Manuel Cáceres

Manuel Cáceres was born in Badajoz in 1947.He started building guitars in 1963, when he started working in “Casa José Ramírez”, where he would spend fifteen years (nine of them as an important journeyman).In 1978…

Antonio Marín Montero guitars

Antonio Marín Montero

Antonio Marín Montero was born in Granada in 1933.He joined Master Pérez´s workshop in 1957, since Recaredo Veredas had seen his remarkable gouge skills. In 1959, following his father´s advice, he would join Eduardo Ferrer´s workshop…

José López Bellido guitars

José López Bellido

Was born in Granada in 1943. He joined Eduardo Ferrer´s workshop when he was very young. After 14 years there, he started his own workshop in Cuesta Gomérez, where he has been making his own guitars until he…

Hermanos Conde guitars

Hermanos Conde

Hermanos Conde (Felipe V) The beginning of this brand started with master Domingo Esteso, who was born in Cuenca in 1882. After working in Manuel Ramírez´s workshop next to Enrique García, Santos Hernández, and other great luthiers…

Juan Montero Aguilera guitars

Juan Montero Aguilera

Juan Montero Aguilera was born in Marchena (Sevilla) in 1932. He settled in Córdoba in 1950, where he set a carpentry workshop with his brother .He would get in touch with flamenco here, although he wouldn´t start building guitars until…

Francisco Manuel Díaz guitars

Francisco Manuel Díaz

Francisco Manuel Díaz was born on the 25th of December 1942 in Granada.He is one of the best guitar makers today, and one of the first to settle his workshop in the city of Granada.He started his career when he…

Hermanos Sanchis López guitars

Hermanos Sanchis López

David and German López were born, sons of Ricardo Sanchís Carpio, have all the wisdom and experience of a whole dynasty of guitar makers which had started a hundred years earlier with Ricardo Sanchis Nacher…

Pedro de Miguel guitars

Pedro de Miguel

Behind the name of Pedro de Miguel two great guitar makers can be found: Pedro Pérez(1958-2008) y Miguel Ángel Rodríguez (1960 – ).Being fourteen years old, they start working in José Ramírez´s workshop…

Andres D. Marvi guitars

Andres D. Marvi

Andres Daniel Marvi was born in Germany in 1956.Almost self-taught, he took an exam in Erlangen Crafts School, presenting his work.He set his own workshop in Ferreirola (Granada) in 1988, where he makes his guitars…

Paulino Bernabé guitars

Paulino Bernabé

In 1977 he began his career as a guitar builder next to his father Paulino Bernabé shortly after he decided to open his own workshop in Loto street in Madrid after leaving the workshop Ramirez where he worked as boss…

Jerónimo Peña guitars

Jerónimo Peña

Jerónimo Peña was born in Marmolejo (Jaén) in 1933. Coming from a very humble family, with 9 years old he was an apprentice carperter already. He started his career as luthier in 1950, being one of the best master luthiers in…

Vicente Carrillo guitars

Vicente Carrillo

Vicente Carrillo was born in Casasimarro (Cuenca) in 1963. He constitutes the fourth generation of a dynasty of guitar makers which had started 200 years earlier…

Maximiano Fontiveros guitars

Maximiano Fontiveros

Maximiano Fontiveros was born in Constantina (Sevilla), in 1957. This constructor is considered one of the best restorers in the world. During his long career he has performed more than four hundred restorations…

Pedro Maldonado guitars

Pedro Maldonado

Pedro Maldonado was born in Loja (Granada) in 1929.He worked in his father´s cabinetmaker workshop since he was very young. He got a great interest in stringed instruments very soon. He visited most workshops in Granada, learning the secrets of…