Francisco Manuel Díaz guitars

Francisco Manuel Díaz was born on the 25th of December 1942 in Granada.Francisco Manuel Díaz guitars

He is one of the best guitar makers today, and one of the first to settle his workshop in the city of Granada.

He started his career when he was 16, working in the best workshops of that time.

His first teacher was Eduardo Ferrer, with whom he worked while refining his skills in the art of making guitars. After several years working with this master luthier in guitar making, his increasing interest in his job led him to start working with Manuel de la Chica, other acknowledged master of that time.

After his long period of learning, and having become a well-known luthier, he moved to “el carril de San Nicolás”, where he started working in his own workshop. Several years later, he will work in San José Alta street, from where he would move to the place where he works today: 29 Cuesta de Gomérez street, where he currently builds his works of art. His guitars are widely appreciated due to their highly refined construction and acoustic quality.

Aside from being an excellent guitar maker, he is a professional guitarist, which grants him an incredibly high knowledge about the tastes and preferences of the most demanding musicians.

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